Sunday, 22 May 2011

天涯/sky's edge

Modelos [images are numbered; mouse over or click on pics to get number]


Pics 1-4. Power Zhang Ye/張葉

Photography by Mr Ren Ren/任壬

6. Members of the rising Mainland idol acrobatics duo/偶像級雜技組合, '最終力量'/'Ultimate Power', comprising Messrs Power Zhang & Dong Guanglong/董光龍. Both were army veterans/退伍軍人.

7-9. Eddie Peng Yuyan/彭宇晏

10. Rojam Wang Zhu Xiaoyin/王朱篠寅

11-12. Chen Kun/陳坤

14. Nan Fulong/南伏龍, enjoying a fag break in the background...

15. Zheng Jun/鄭鈞

16. Anja Li Yingqi/李英奇

17. Lin Dan/林丹

18. Zhang Jike/張繼科

25. Zhang Xinzhe [left] & Rock Ji/張信哲 [男模; 左] & 紀煥博

30-31. Victor Chen Hui/陳輝

33. Wang Mei/王魅 [?]

34. Location Lhasa/拉薩 [?]

And the theme song for this post is none other than...

...Mr Emil Wakin Chau/周華健's elegant rendition of the Zhou Xuan/周璇 classic, 《天涯歌女》/Songstress at Sky's Edge'.

This is a rather excellent example of what Thinkcount has been banging on lately: selecting & updating, as an aesthetic strategy, traditional Chinese cultural materials for contemporary, internationally orientated delectation.

The mainly piano- and erhu-based arrangement endows this 1937 hit with a freshness that feels quite today, while at the same time imbuing it with a post-May Fourth Art Song/文藝歌曲 aura.

And by taking on role of the '小妹妹', or little sister, of the song, Mr Chau is but continuing the centuries-old practice of having men play women's parts in Chinese regional operas.

In other words, brilliant eras-blending that gracefully sidesteps the mindless anachronism that so plagues your usual Po-Mo attempts.


Harold said...

Hi, thanks for the beautiful pictures of men in all stages of dress and undress. I especially like the pictures of Power Zhang Ye. Do you have more pictures of him or any information where I can get more of him? Thanks.


max aka thinkcount said...

Dear Harold

You're welcome & good taste re: Mr Power Zhang, even though Thinkcount is fairly sure that he is 'Not On Our Team'.

Here is his Weibo. And as we've advised other dear Gentle Readers before, when it comes to searching for people/celebs in China, it's always helpful to supplement Google - which as you're probably aware is not at all kosher in the PRC - with Mainland search engines such as Baidu, Baidu Image, Sogou & its Image search sub-division.

In Mr Zhang's case, make sure to search with his simplified Chinese name, "张叶", and the name of his group, "最终力量". Btw the group has recently been crowned champ in what seems to be China's equivalent of The X-Factor.

And we have two or three shots of Mr Zhang from the Ma Liang series, which we'll post soon.

Have fun researching! :)


Harold said...

Thank you.

max aka thinkcount said...

Oh don't mention dear. This is but our little contribution to the immensely exciting 'Chinese Renaissance' happening right now...:)

Anonymous said...

#10: So cute!

#5 and #26: Love this pics, so much chinese painting tradition in them.

#34: Is that a lama recruiting ad? I might join...

#39: Very intriguing expression.

Saludos, Nahuel.

max aka thinkcount said...

Dear Nahuel

Seems like you enjoyed our little selection. :) OK, here's some debriefing/demystification:

#10: Yes Mr Rojam Wang looks kawaii here. There's another subconscious reason - which we of course only realised post facto - why we put pics 10 & 11 next to each other: the connection is Prada. Mr Wang's wearing its striped sweater, while Mr Chen Kun [pic 11] is rocking the pair of odd-looking 'mutant' brogues that for some odd reason are so in this season.

# 5: A random pic of a flowering tree that we found; and by turning it vertical instead of the original horizontal, and adding some white space to its right - voila! a Chinese 'painting' is born. ;) And
# 26: in reality a fragment of a polluted Shanghai skyline. But you're right nonetheless: both are imbued with a sense of traditional Chinese painting.

# 34: Isn't the juxtaposition wonderfully surreal? It must have been somewhere in Tibet mustn't it?

# 39: Yet another one of Mr Ren Ren's modelo babes. It's amazing how breath-takingly powerful his photographic hunk-magnet can be...;)